Hello Stranger! Thanks for venturing in.

The following pages are meant to give you a glimpse into the joyful life of a little earthling called Kohei, an ex-Googler, an ex-Stuntman, an ex-Bboy with a desire to explore the truth behind what he defines as ‘life’.

With hopes to inspire, educate, and make a difference in other peoples lives, Kohei is currently on the road with a 40L backpack across the world, on a journey of personal development and worldly discovery.

He is a complete newbie on wordpress, with no special talent in story-telling, nor does he have an extensive set of english vocabularies to keep those fingers scrolling, in fact this is the first blog that he’s ever written in his life and he’s already lost on words.

However, he feels strongly that the next 12+ months could be a life changing experience, with lots to discover about this big blue planet and the true lives of other earthlings, animals, and plants that inhabit it.

With the hope to inspire, educate, and self discover, he will speak his own words with nothing less than the truth as it slowly unfolds.

This is my story, and it would be an honour to have you in it.

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  1. This is incredible Kohei, I am so inspired! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures and hopefully embark on some only my own 🙂

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