Some fun facts of Singapore

This post is completely unrelated to my journey, but that’s only because Singapore is like my 2nd home where I’ve spent over 10 years living during my high school days. So instead, I’ll tell you some interesting fun facts of Singapore to warm things up before I take off on my journey.

To tell the truth, I just wanna post something to experiment the use of tags and categories... (can someone tell me how to make fonts smaller?)

Majulah Singapura. That’s the title of the national anthem of Singapore, a song of national pride which every Singaporeans knows by heart.  But I bet most of them don’t even know the meaning of each of the words in the lyric, because they’re all in Bahasa! a.k.a Malaysian, which accounts for less than 15% of the ethnic race that makes up Singapore’s demographics.

What’s even more interesting is that Singapore’s population is around 5.5 million and Australia is 22 million.

SINGAPORE 5.5 million
AUSTRALIA 22 million


Now compare the two on the map:

                          ….. (- _ – ; ) ….


Singapore is so small you can’t even see it!

I think you get the idea. Singapore is mega tiny! Too small that the red dot you see above is bigger than the actual country it self. However they have a population of 5.5 million, compared to Australia’s 22 million, which makes them 4x smaller than Australia if you put it that way.

Let’s carry on the maths. Let’s use land mass this time.

Singapore: 716km²        Australia: 7,692,024 km²

                          ….. (- _ – ; ) ….


Singapore is 10,743 times smaller in land mass than Australia!

Visualise ¼ of Australia being shoved into the tiny dot you see above.

Yeah, not a pleasant sight. No wonder Singapore is the 2nd most densely populated country in the world…


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