2014-10-28 17-11-32「自分でちゃんと考えて決めた事なんだから、なにも悪いとは思わない、ママはただ一緒に住める事を楽しみにしてたからちょっと残念なだけ」

“Since it’s something that you carefully thought about and decided on your own, there’s nothing wrong with it. I was just a little sad because I was looking forward to live with you again” – Mum

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  1. We live our mundane lives, through your eyes that take us on a tour of the world. It’s not just your mom who was looking forward to living with you, but also your extended family here in Singapore 🙂

  2. You are bringing us along for this adventure as we live our mundane lives through your exciting view of the world. Not just your mom, but your extended Singapore family also looks forward to live with you too 😛

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