Add some rhythm to your travel

It’s been about 2 weeks since my solo journey began, and I’m noticing that it could get a little lonely at times. Luckily though, I have my own travel companion called the Asalato, a West African music instrument (apparently from Ghana) that I recently stumbled across after watching this Youtube video.

It’s essentially two balls attached to a string with seeds inside, which you swing around the hands to make them hit each other, creating a percussive click, as well as a shaking sound.

I really love the simplistic nature of this toy, made out of sun drying a type of fruit called the Oncoba Spinosa.  They create a hollow but solid sound when struck, and the shake of the seeds add a very soothing flow to the rhythm.

According to Wikipedia they can also act as a skill-development tool to help improve dexterity, ambidexterity, brain hemispheric synchronization, and develop the ability to multitask. Best of all, it fits conveniently in my pocket, and I can whip it out whenever I feel rhythmic, or whenever I need some inspiration as I journey on.  When  I got lost in a forest, for example…


The Asalato has become my beloved travel companion which I always carry wherever I go. Try it out yourself and add some rhythm to your travel!

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