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Australia is often called the land down under.

The term comes from the fact that Australia (and New Zealand) are in the Southern Hemisphere, ‘below’ many other countries on the globe.

And because they’re located on the opposite side of the world, they have seasons working in the opposite direction. It’s hot and humid during Christmas, and snows during summer. What the?

Aussie Santas need no sleigh

To make things more interesting, Australia is home to one of the most cutest animals on earth, like koalas and kangaroos, but they live side by side with the world’s most dangerous spiders, sharks, and jellyfish.

Furthermore, Australia is surrounded by one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but they are the driest inhabited continent on earth. The first being Antarctica.

The list goes on, but things are just ‘uʍop ɹǝpun’ here in Australia.