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The simple truth – You don’t need anything to be happy.

On one of the stops in Hatyai, a small city of Thailand, I decided to kill time at a coffee shop and wait for the rain to pass. It was pouring down endlessly, and I was feeling tired and grumpy from the long sleepless bus rides. I was feeling a even more annoyed with the fact that my feet was all wet, legs were itchy, sweaty and tired all over my body. Then I hear a loud thunderous laughter from the back of the shop.

It was one of the kitchen aunties playing with her friend, probably in her 60s, wearing a bright blue apron with a blue ribbon on her hair, with the biggest smile I’ve seen all afternoon. Just watching them made me feel happy, and at that instant my wet feet and tired body didn’t bother me anymore. We ended up having a chat, joked around and had a great time. Then I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get her take on some word of wisdom. I asked her the question:

“what makes you so happy everyday?”

She paused for a moment, and replies “I’m happy because I’m happy”.


“I’m happy because I’m happy, there’s no why”…

The answer lacked depth, too simple and generic, but I figured her English wasn’t good enough to continue and I gave up asking after a few attempts. Then just as I left the store, after feeling a little disappointed that I couldn’t get her to answer my question properly, it suddenly all started making sense..

“I’m happy because I’m happy, there’s no reason why”

That’s it. We don’t need an explanation to be happy. Happiness doesn’t need a reason. It’s either you are or you’re not, and it’s YOUR CHOICE. We just have to choose to be happy and switch on cruise control. It’s as simple as that 🙂