Soichi 「ありのままの自分で前に進めばいい。何も期待せず、何もかも真っ正面に突っ込んで行けばいい。お前は人に好かれるタイプだ、どこで何していようがお前の周りには人が寄ってくる。」

“Be the raw you and just keep going. Don’t expect anything, don’t analyse anything, just hit it straight on. You are the kind of guy that attracts people, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, people will come to you” – Soichi

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2014-10-28 17-11-32「自分でちゃんと考えて決めた事なんだから、なにも悪いとは思わない、ママはただ一緒に住める事を楽しみにしてたからちょっと残念なだけ」

“Since it’s something that you carefully thought about and decided on your own, there’s nothing wrong with it. I was just a little sad because I was looking forward to live with you again” – Mum